WaveMaster® PRO 2 / PRO 2 Wafers are Fully Automated Wavefront Measurement Systems with Shack-Hartmann Sensors for Series Testing of Lenses and Optical Wafers.

Tray for the measurement of lenses
Tray for the measurement of lenses

The quality and efficiency requirements placed on the mass production of small plastic or glass lenses, optical windows are continually rising. The use of wavefront measurement technology in mass production can yield a great deal of optimization potential.

WaveMaster® PRO 2 & PRO 2 Wafer set new standards in the series testing of optics and optical wafers. With a typical measurement time of 2 sec. per optic and a fast tray or wafer change, the prerequisites are met for use in mass production. With respect to measurement technology, WaveMaster® PRO 2 & PRO 2 Wafer determine with a Shack-Hartmann sensor the wavefront from which various parameters are derived. A comparison to the design data is then performed per lens. A very good data pool for additional optimizations in production.

Key Features

  • Measurement duration: less than 2 seconds per lens
  • Full automatic measurement of large amounts of samples (wafer or preloaded trays)
  • User selectable PASS and FAIL criteria
  • Absolute or relative wavefront measurement
  • Complete Wavefront analysis (PV, RMS, Zernike, PSF, MTF, Strehl)
  • Available in two setups

    • Setup for the measurement of spherical and aspherical lenses (single lenses or wafer)
    • Setup for the measurement of flat surfaces (single surface or wafer)

  • Export of all measurement results for each single lens
  • Option: Integrated measurement system for the measurement of wafer orientation, overall wafer bow and tilt


Quality control of

  • Spherical or aspherical lenses
  • Optical windows
  • Filters
  • Optical Wafers

With Shack-Hartmann sensors in series production:

  • Comparison with design data using the Zernike coefficients
  • Direct comparison to master samples
  • Determine imaging quality (MTF), material defects and production errors using wavefront analysis
  • Wedge Angle (option)
  • EFL (option)