WaveSensor® - Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensors with a Wide Dynamic Range

WaveSensor® is the Shack-Hartmann sensor developed by TRIOPTICS providing real time wavefront measurement and analysis of spherical and aspherical optics.

Key Features

  • Maximum dynamic range up to 2000 λ and accuracy up to < λ /20 (depending on model)
  • Lenses up to diameter 15 mm (without additional optics)
  • Surface topography measurement up to 7° deviation from the sphere (with optional reflex module)
  • Compact and robust design
  • Flexible wavefront measurement in the laboratory and in production
  • Integration into existing laboratory or production facilities
  • Communicates WaveMaster® software via CameraLink or IEEE 1394b
  • Sensor configuration


WaveSensor® Reflex for surface measurement in reflection
WaveSensor® Reflex for surface measurement in reflection

Range of applications of Shack-Hartmann sensors

  • Measurement of the wavefront (PV, RMS)
  • Determination of the Zernike coefficients
  • Measurement of the Point Spread Function (PSF)
  • Measurement of the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)
  • Measurement of the Strehl ratio
  • Wedge angle